Top Celebrity-Approved Facials That You Need to Know Exist

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6 Over-the-Top Celebrity-Approved Facials That You Need to Know Exist
by Nykia Spradley

When it comes to skincare, celebrities seem willing to try just about anything–Caviar? Sure. Stem cells? Why not!–and, of course, price is no object. Here, a closer look at the most lavish and outrageous facials that the stars swear by, from how they’re done to what they cost.

When Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian want an extravagant face refresh they call up Nurse Jamie. Her Santa Monica, California, spa is the go-to spot for science-meets-beauty skincare. And one of her top treatments is her signature caviar facial. “It is an expensive, yet amazing ingredient for brightening the face,” she explains. Caviar, which is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids activates skin cells to produce collagen, while the antioxidants present in it helps to reduce fine lines.
How it’s done: After a deep cleansing and pore-opening treatment, fresh, chilled caviar is mixed with Nurse Jamie’s proprietary nutrient-rich blend of plant extracts, platinum and 24 karat gold. The mixture is applied to skin like a mask to help reduce the appearance of facial lines, age spots and to help smooth out the any rough texture.

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