Celebrity Beauty Routines

by in Beauty Products, Celebrity Skincare Secrets March 23, 2019

Most Expensive Celebrity Beauty Routines Ever

Let’s start things off nice and easy with Catherine Zeta-Jones, who enjoys a luxurious caviar hair treatment at Hari’s London salon. Yep, she regularly spends $150 getting this hour-long conditioning treatment that nourishes hair with omega 3 oils. It’s pricey, but still in the realm of reason. And admit it, wouldn’t you shell out way more than $150 to have her hair?

Angelina Jolie has always been naturally gorgeous, but apparently she likes to supplement that with this luxurious La Prairie Caviar Cream. The cream costs $710 for 100 ml and contains actual caviar to give the skin a protein boost. Anyone else suddenly planning to rub caviar on their faces tonight?

The 14 Most Expensive Celebrity Beauty Routines Ever

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