Dynamic Sonic Prestige Brightening skincare line in an exceptional set. A luxury routine for flawless, revitalized skin.


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Set Contents:

  • Prestige Brightening Serum
  • Prestige Brightening Lift Serum – Hyaluronic Acid Syringe
  • Prestige Brightening Cream B30x – Whitening Booster


Made in USA

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G-Dynamic Sonic



Brightening Cream B30x – Whitening Booster

Our carefully blended formula integrates alpha arbutin with hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and squalane in a luxurious cream to condition and nourish the skin as its appearance is brightened.

Key benefits

  • Provides anti-oxidant benefits to fight free radicals
  • Helps fade discoloration while brightening skin tone
  • Helps reduce hyperpigmentation

Brightening 30x Eye Lift Serum – Hyaluronic Acid Syringe

Key benefits

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Smooths and lifts out under eye bags
  • Aesthetically enhances complexion
  • Instant results – watch and feel it tighten and firm within 90 seconds

Brightening Serum B30x – Whitening Booster

Combining two effective, plant-derived lighteners, GigaWhite BioWhite Serum encourages the promotion of a brighter, more uniform complexion.

key benefits

  • Uses natural plant derived ingredients
  • Helps minimize appearance of hyper-pigmentation
  • Helps skin appear youthful and rejuvenated



  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Smooths and lifts out under eye bags
  • Aesthetically enhances complexion
  • Instant results – watch and feel it tighten and firm within 90 seconds

Within moments of applying Instant Eye Lift, you can actually feel it working as it tightening pores, firms the skin. The full affect is visible within 90 seconds of application, resulting is skin that appears years younger and firmer.

The incremental results are subtle, yet the overall result of a more youthful appearance is astounding. Fine lines and thin skin that causes bags around the eyes are among the top telltale signs of age and low vitality that we instantly and subconsciously notice.

The instantaneous results of Instant Eye Lift have been described as ‘miraculous’ — but the science of nature is hard at work behind the scenes. The active ingredient in Instant Eye Lift is Veegum (Magnesium Aluminum Silicate) — a type of natural smectite clay know for its ability to swell in water.

Specially formulated with other natural ingredients, this ‘miracle’ element produces in an instant lifting, boosting, and plumping of the fine lines, wrinkles, and baggy skin around the eyes for a more youthful and healthy appearance.

With Instant Eye Lift, you can give yourself a facelift any time you want without the invasive surgery, severe changes, and the uncertain results. Simply tap on a small amount of Instant Eye Lift before applying makeup and feel confident in your youthful appearance throughout the day and night.

Daily Application

Use as needed

Morning and evening for 4 weeks.


Apply to clean skin, using ring finger. Gently smooth and tap a thin layer over facial lines and puffiness under eyes. Do not rub. Keep face expressionless until dry. If white residue is visible, smooth over the area with damp finger or moisturizer.


Purified Water (Aqua), Sodium Silicate, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, CI 7

Visible results starting the first week. One unique formula, four bottles, four weeks to reach new levels of vibrant, youthful looking skin. The skin appears regenerated and younger, with renewed quality.

Week 1 – Impulse:
At the end of the first week the complexion reawakens. Signs of fatigue are reduced.
Week 2 – Reset:
The skin’s quality looks improved. Lines appear diminished, skin looks softer and more toned.
Week 3 – Consolidate:
Signs of aging appear diminished. Skin looks smoother, denser and more elastic. It radiates vitality.
Week 4 – Renaissance:
Wrinkles appear diminished. The skin regains a more youthful appearance, and a sensation of density, elasticity and radiance.
How to Use:
Morning and evening for 4 weeks.



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