Skin Care Tips That Take Your Glow to The Next Level

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Excellent advice!! !

Skin Care Tips That Take Your Glow to The Next Level

These five skin care tips, we are at least a big step closer to their beautiful skin.

Most estheticians, already practice these techniques, which are SO important if you want to really make an impact on your skin and get the absolute most out of your skincare products! Read and see if you’re applying your products correctly!

Almost no one invests as much time and love in skin care as our ladies do. To make them look the way they look, they not only trust in the right products, but also in techniques and etc.

We will tell you which five skin care tips for all women, celebrities, modals and men will take your Glow Game to the next level.

1. Clean for one minute

Removing your makeup is no big deal? It’s a big deal to US women! Because many people clean their face for about a minute. This allows the cleansing product to take effect sooner – even if it is washed off again anyway. And they don’t do that somehow, but in an upward movement. When massaging the cleansing product into the skin, they always pull the skin upwards rather than downwards. After all, at some point it will do so by itself.

2. Facial mists are essential

Women swear by face sprays. In US, there is even a huge department full of face mist for every skin type. In our online store the sprays are not (only) used to fix make-up, but also for skin care. Instead of your toner, you can also use a face spray after cleansing. Because they moisturize your skin and prepare it for make-up.

3. Knocking instead of rubbing

An old tip that still not enough people take to heart: Tap the care in instead of rubbing. This not only improves the blood circulation of the skin, it also allows it to absorb the product better and penetrates deeper into the skin. It is important that you are as gentle as possible to your skin. It is best to press the product onto your skin first and then tap it in very gently. By the way: This way, products are absorbed much faster. Try it out!

4. Get rid of the towel!

After cleaning, you shouldn’t dry your face with a towel. Because the experience ladies would not do that either. Due to the friction, the skin can react quickly with redness. Since we want as little irritation as possible so that the skin can shine properly, you should simply pat in the remaining moisture with your fingers – similar to care. If the face is also slightly damp, the skin can absorb serums better.

5. Skincare cocktails

Experience ladies are known for their elaborate care routines, as they often use many products on top of each other and in combination. And this is exactly their secret: skin care cocktails. Depending on what your skin needs, you can mix different serums and apply them together. Simply place the products in the palm of your hand and then tap the cocktail gently into your skin. Every skin usually has more than one need – sometimes moisture or anti-aging is not enough.

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