Benefits of Caviar Skin Care Products


A marine climate and ocean elements have long been thought to promote healthy skin. Seaweed, sea salt and algae have all been implemented in skincare routines, with proven benefits. Now, Caviar has become one of the most sought after sea-produced ingredients in high-end skincare.


With age comes inevitable UVB and UVA damage, but the antioxidant properties in Caviar protect against these and other harmful environmental hazards. The Omegas 3 and 6 nutrients balance skin and produce a glowing, luminous tone, while Caviar’s intense moisturizing effect revitalizes dull and lifeless skin.


Perhaps most remarkably, Caviar helps repair the skin’s uppermost layer – the barrier. A barrier damaged by environmental stressors or the aging process itself is highly susceptible to irritation and must be healed and restored. Caviar provides the hydration and nourishment that aging, weak skin barriers are desperate for. Over time, the spectacular benefits of Caviar can minimize even prominent signs of aging such as deep lines & wrinkles, sun-spots and hyper-pigmentation.